Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tomorrow Begins Today

This is a song I wrote, now if only I can find someone to sing it for me.

Seize the Day

Don't waste anymore time waiting for things that won't come.
Somehow you have to seize the day,
and find out all you can be.
Because tomorrow begins today.

You can spend all your days on yesterdays
With the ghosts that live in your head
Or you can wake up one day and hear your heart say
You've found me cos you are the one.

The one in my dreams,
the one who it seems can be anything that they want,
So don't waste your day looking away,
But spend time with the ones that you love.

Don't look for replacements for those who you love,
But ask precious God to send one from above,
He listens I know cos I've heard him say
Tomorrow begins today.

Don't cling to tomorrows with more pain and sorrows
But find your place in the sun
For you never know what the Good lord will show
When you finally decide to move on.

No more regrets,
No more sad days
Tomorrow begins today.

I hope that love finds me
Where ever I go
My angels are watching,
I know that they know
Tomorrow begins today.

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