Tuesday, October 15, 2013


She was floating in the middle of a lake, the most beautiful color of blue she had ever seen. The water was so still and serene.  The lake was surrounded by tiny white crystals of sand, the beautiful smooth feeling sand of the tropics not the coarse sand of the Northeast.    As she was floating she could see all way down to the bottom, seeing the reflection of the small pebbles on the bottom in the sun.
She was out there alone, immobile in peace.  She had nowhere to go, nobody to see, no responsibilities at the moment.  She was in complete peacefulness.  A beautiful serenity enveloped her.  She had such a beautiful time floating around aimlessly drinking in all the beauty.  She was floating far enough out there where nothing could reach her except a cool, gentle breeze.  She felt so safe and secure out there floating around.  It was as if nothing could reach her and she could just find a moment’s peace.  Floating, floating, floating.   She wanted to bottle that feeling so that she could feel it all the time.
And then she opened her eyes in her living room.  Namaste.


Judy Olson said...

That is a beautiful piece of embroidery!!! I just love it.

Kathleen Weber said...

Beautiful Deb! I really enjoyed reading that.

Kathleen Weber said...

That was gorgeous. I loved reading that. Thanks for taking me away from home for just a moment!

MTMcClanahan said...

How does one find peace? Maybe it's already in you, it's the normal state of things. Everything else is just illusion that we create because we think we have to--think we are supposed to. If you could dig through all the crap that's been layered onto you, would you find this girl as you describe or is this another illusion to deal with the crap. Maybe you would find the beauty and undeniable significance that is you and the peace that comes from that knowledge. Maybe peace is not the goal at all but is the offspring of the truth.

Tangled Stitch said...

Thank you for the very thoughtful comments. Words have been a little hard in coming lately nice to know someone reads them when I do write. Much thanks have a great day!