Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Need You

I Need You
I need you to be here to pick me up when I fall,
I need you to be here when I hear the children cry,
I need you to be here when I see the waters overflow the shoreline,
I need you to tell me it will not start raining and never stop,
I need you to kiss the back of my neck and remind me that I am loved,
Unconditionally, totally.
I need you here in body not just in spirit.
I need you when I see the connections everywhere and do not understand what they mean,
I need you to find me when I am lost.
I need you to bring me to heaven on earth.
I need you to remind me that everything will be all right while the world collapses around us.
While children go hungry, while woman are victimized, when our brothers are angry and need comfort themselves.
Show me you are real when I need to believe in something.
We all need to believe in something.
We are all one and when one of us is in chaos we are all in chaos.
I need you when I look into the eyes of my brother and feel pain.
I need you where are you?  Show me you are real.
I’ve worked so hard to find you, where are you?
I need you when I hear the voices crying out in pain.
When I get the feeling that someone that I love is alone and despondent.
If you’ve given me the ability to feel pain please come and give me the ability to feel joy.
I need you please find me.  Please find us all.
Hold my hand and together we can change the world if only for a moment.
I need you to help me find peace and love and understanding.
I just need you.

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Anonymous said...

You just need you. It's an inside job to find joy. Only then will you attract more and more of what you crave. You tell sad stories so you create more sad stories to tell and feel sadder and more alone. Maybe start telling a different story. Empaths are also able to experience the joy others feel as well as the pain. The trick is to feel and release when you read people. All you really need is you. I heard someone once say, "The standard of success in life isn't the things. It isn't the money or the stuff — it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel." We are all works in progress...good luck :)