Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Little Spring

This is my cherry blossom tree.  If you like it it's available at Valley Artisans Market.  I'm sharing it to remind myself it's spring.  It doesn't feel much like spring in this neck of the woods.  Doesn't feel much like spring in my heart either.  Stormy, dark and gloomy, only for the moment though.  Been dealing with some stuff and just a wee bit sad.  Haven't embroidered much lately, always feel blue when I'm not embroidering.  Must be that idle hands are the devils workshop thing.

My wonderful son turned 26 recently.  He's a great man, very kind and warm and responsible.  I'm very proud of him, after all he is my greatest creation.  I worked myself into a tizzy looking through an old photo album.  So many happy times,  it's pretty clear I adored him even then.  It all goes by so fast.  A completely different life.

The world is moving at breakneck speed even faster since Trump became our president.  Not getting too political but maybe god is feeling cold and stormy too?  Maybe it's time to be inspired and start embroidering and writing a blog post once in a while.  I think this is it for the moment.  Keep on stitching.

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