Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today is a happy day. My son had his wisdom teeth and another removed today. He felt well enough to eat macaroni and cheese instead of yogurt for dinner and he says it's not so bad so far. Trying not to be too optimistic as tomorrow when everything wears off he may not feel as well as he does today but since I have been an absolute wreck I am feeling relieved tonight. I didn't realize just how nervous I have been until I left the room when the oral surgeon came in. Was too nervous to even embroider. It's not good when I'm too nervous to embroider. Haven't been able to embroider for days, maybe nerves were with me then too. So I think I'm going to go in wisdom and relax for a while. thanks everyone for all your well wishes and for giving me some badly needed advice. i'll be back tomorrow or the next day with pictures and an update.

Keep stitching(I might just go do that myself)


Neda said...

Congrats! Kids are more resilient than we are (I feel with you, though)..Maybe I'll take up stitching too.. Have a good evening!

Michelle said...

I hope that now that his wisdom teeth are gone, your nerves will calm and you get back to your wonderful craft!

Eileen said...

So glad it is over and that it went well. Our mother insticts are always on alert, even when we try to tell ourselves it will be fine. Time for you to relax, start stitching and have a peaceful night. Hopefully, he will not be in too much discomfort.
Take care!!