Star Crossed

Hand Embroidered Cross on Watercolored Fabric

Hi All! Been busy, busy, busy. I keep waiting for the days when all the hubbub will die down and it just doesn't seem to come. On the plus side I've been bringing my hand embroidered hand everywhere and it is almost finished so I'll have a picture soon(hopefully). I am enjoying the three dimensional aspect of this project so much and there are so many ideas swimming in my head for the future. Including a fish.

This piece was a pleasure to make. I love to make crosses as they are my ode to spirituality. I'm not a big church goer and these pieces show my belief in something greater then myself. I think belief in a greater power is very important but to me church doesn't really seem necessary for this belief. So therefore I make crosses. I've been using the embroidery more as a meditation as a whole lately. I like to turn off the sound and just embroider stitch by stitch. It helps me center.

I'm going to go read my bloggy friends now but please check out the blogs I follow. They never fail to inspire and they show me the universal themes and feelings. Many times when I read a blog I see similarities in our separate lives in our one big universe. See you soon!


Elizabeth said…
Beautiful piece, a job well done.
Deb G said…
I agree...handwork of any sort seems to turn into a meditation.
drea_dear said…
I do the same kind of "meditation", although I think about a specific person - especially if I'm making an exchange piece or a gift. I try to think about the things that I know about that person, and how they'll react to the finish piece. It helps me keep a positive mindset when it's something that's time-consuming or frustrating. :)
Lynda Lehmann said…
You are sure right about seeing similarities in our lives in one big universe; though the details vary, the themes and emotions are pretty much the same.

I'm glad you have your embroidery to help you center and find peace. As you know, I do it with finding beauty in nature, and looking at it through a camera.

Happy almost-Spring to you, Debra Ann!
Deborah said…
This is a lovely piece. I agree it's interesting to see similarities and connections among bloggers.
Anonymous said…
i very much love your writing choice, very charming.
don't give up and also keep creating for the simple reason that it just well worth to look through it.
looking forward to browse through more and more of your current articles, cheers :)
lee said…
Loving your work, I also love that spirituality that shows in your work.

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