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Today was a great day. I am very thankful today because I worked on my face most of the afternoon. My hand embroidered face that is. I am thankful for all the different colors of embroidery floss and really thankful for the huge tangled mess of embroidery thread. I am thankful for my local JoAnn's Fabric, where I was able to find a lovely green fabric with a butterfly pattern in the remnant basket. It is exactly the lining I would have picked if I had known it was there for a commission eye glass holder for my friend. it will go lovely with the lime green fabric that is awaiting me. I'm thankful for the limegreen fabric too. I'm thankful for my husband, for my son, for my ceiling fan and for powdered lemonade. tomorrow I will be thankful for being back on the south beach diet but today I'm thankful for the sugary sweet lemonade. Speaking of sugary sweet I think that is my prompt to end my thankfulness here. I will be back with a picture of my face soon. Keep

My hand

Hi all, this is my blue hand that I have been talking about so much. It's not a great picture but it isn't framed yet. I'll repost when it is framed. I am now working on the face. It is my interpretation of the face and I have already named it but I will share it's name when I post it. I went traveling for a few days and had a wonderful time visiting relatives and going to a Met game. Unfortunately it was my favorite pitcher and they lost the game but it was a fun time with the hubby and my son. I spent the some of the trip down and most of the trip up embroidering my face and it made me realize just how much happier and quieter I am when I am working on a piece of embroidery. It fills my soul with silence and peace. I love to knit and hand crochet but embroidering my own work makes me feel like an artist. Every stitch is different and even if I start out with the same simple shape the coloring and direction changes I take, make every piece different. That i


I'm still stitchin my blue hand. It's almost finished and then I will frame it and share it. I'm one of those people that can't bear to share my work until it's finished. A few months ago in the coop we had an artists at work exhibit and it was so hard for me to start my piece and just work on it when I was there. As soon as the month was over and I brought it home I couldn't wait to finish it. That is kind of how I feel about my hand today. After the hand I have a couple of other ideas brewing in my head. I love the feeling of new possibilities when I'm finishing a project. It keeps me going. I've got quite a few possibilities swimming around my head, but of course not enough hours in the day to possibly finish them. I am looking at my work and it is so weird how different it has become. I used to be a craftsperson and just make what I thought others would like, it was mostly about the process not so much the work. Now it is kind of everythin

My tangled mess

Hi All. No pictures yet but I thought I would try to describe my blue hand. It is a hand embroidered hand, which started out as just a simple drawing of my hand. I then took my embroidery needle and a whole tangled mess of blues and started embroidering. I love tangled mess of threads, they are so random. As are my thoughts. Before I became an "artist" and started using my real name I wanted to be known as Tangled Thread Designs. I waited too long and I think someone else is using it anyway. But it describes me and my work the best. I am a tangled mess of threads all bunched up together in a way that makes me interesting and boring at the same time. Every time I pull a thread out of my tangled mess another one gets knotted up. Same thing happens with my embroidery thread. I am a bit more complicated then the ordinary person who knows me knows. I have had one of those crazy lifes that always seem to revolve in and out of chaos. Since I was a little girl I have bee

An Old Picture From an Old Lifetime

this is an old picture. It was a custom pillow for a little boy named Oliver who liked bugs. I don't really like bugs and pillows aren't really my forte anymore but they are a small piece of what I am today. When my son was two I used to make all kinds of pillows for him and his friends. Most of them were Cross-stitch. I made boats and trains and batman and spiderman pillows. then I moved into the big time and made primitive pillows for an antique store that sold hand crafted items. I also made christening outfits and baby clothes. But the thing that most people wanted were the pillows. Even when I moved to my new house and restarted my business in the beginning all I ever sold were pillows. Big pillows, small pillows and Oliver's pillow. Flowered, beaded, hand embroidered, you name it I made it. Somewhere along the way I started to shift a bit. I realized that I had a voice that wasn't being heard amongst all those pillows. So I knit beautiful scarves of

Busy week

Hello all! Hope you have been very creatively busy yourself this past week. I hand embroidered a pink pussycat purse and a butterfly dragonfly combo in purple. I crocheted a handbag(didn't get a chance to line it) and made a couple of belts. I had a ball doing it and all is right in my little corner of the world. Pictures to follow soon and I am off to my favorite 2 day craft show of the year this weekend. Hopefully you won't get to see the pictures of my pink pussycat and butterfly but if I don't sell them I'll be sure to post pictures. I promise after this weekend to share a lot more and take lots of pictures. Keep stitchin. Keep safe.

I'm awake and inspired

After watching LiveEarth all day I'm inspired by something more than a party. Unless the bozos running for President realize the serious nature of the world we live in and start thinking up solutions and telling US about them they deserve a revolution of awake and aware Americans. I want a candidate of ideas and brains not slogans. Anyone who can figure out the world's problems in a constructive manner deserves our support and all these wannabees deserve the curb if they can't figure out what is important to the American people NOW! What is important to you? To me a constructive solution to this terrible war in Iraq that will still take care of the problem of global terrorism is what I want to hear? How bout you! Tomorrow I will speak of my more creative outlets but today this was a little more important to me!God Bless you All(or whatever universal being you believe in) and Keep stitchin

Independence Day

Today is a day when I'm happy to be independent. Ok So I'm not really independent I have a great husband who supports me. But it is a day when freedom to be who we are is so much more important then on other days. In many countries people are silenced because of their independence, they are not free. As much as things have changed in the negative over the last six years, one thing that has not changed is the fact that we are still basically free to be what and who we are. Today I crocheted some motifs for my purse, it is pink and brown. It's been flying around my head for weeks and I finally have a few moments to create something right out of my own head. I've happily been doing some custom work lately so it's nice to just let my own creativity be free. I'll share pictures when I'm finished and basically just wanted to send out a keep stitchin to anybody who happens to read my blog. Be free, keep stitchin and be happy we can do what we love.

Black Hole kind of day

I had a wonderful weekend with my inlaws visiting this past weekend. We went out to dinner, went to the coop, went shopping in the mall and had a basically wonderful weekend. Today was kind of a black hole kind of day when everything you do seems to be the wrong thing. I did a little work but the rest of the day was just a battle, a battle to keep my son occupied and a battle to keep my big mouth shut. Being a talker sometimes you just find yourself saying words you really haven't thought out. Being a talker I know that sometimes that's a really bad thing. Best thing to do is just apologize and move on. Trying to explain or validate why we say the stupid things we say is just a practice in futility. Even though i'm kind of glad I'm a talker, it is either a blessing or a curse, all you can hope for is that you are a blessing more of a percentage then a curse. And then there are days like today where you just fall into a big black hole of talk too much. Say all