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All attempts to get a "real" life are failing, so I am surrendering to the stitch.  This is the Long and Winding Road, I've been working on it for a couple of days trying desperately to get into ornament mode.  Resistance is futile.  Seriously all attempts at trying to find a real life are failing.  A man(online dating sucks), a job(just too many people with "real" experience looking for them), writing a novel(or a song, a poem or a to do list). Fail, fail, fail.  So I'm going to turn off my computer(good idea Deb) and hand embroider.  I'm surrendering to the big kahuna in the sky and praying that an answer will drop down and take hold soon but in the meantime I am doing my version of gone fishing.  Gone embroidering, see you soon. P.S. BTW the writing is sort of coming back I am able to make jokes about my plight so that is an improvement.


Lotus   Breathe in, breathe out The beauty of the petals Floating on the water peacefully.   Breathe in, breathe out Peacefulness, peacefulness In and Out Clarity   A simple little lotus Blossoming on the water Breathe in, breathe out Peace.    

Just to Let You Know I'm Here

Moving along on the long and winding road, slowly but surely.  I am having a really hard time with loneliness lately. A really hard time.  No matter how hard I try I can't seem to shake this lonely feeling.  I'm sure I'm not the only one, in fact I'm pretty sure all of us is lonely at one time or another.  We all need someone to talk to and sometimes there is just nobody around.  So I've decided to offer my services or my ear(or in this case my eyes).  If you are feeling lonely and need an ear(or eyes) you can email me.  I promise to write back even if it is only to tell  you everything will be allright.  Please don't get too specific(especially if there are gory details), don't send me pictures of your private parts(I'm not interested and once you've seen one you've seen them all), but if you need to know you have a friend you have one.  I like everybody until I'm given a reason not to.  My email address is . 


This piece is available at Valley Artisans Market in Cambridge, NY. I've been working on peace ornaments and peace pillows trying to bring myself some peace the last few days.  It has not been easy but try I must.  I believe the world is in a whole heap of trouble and we need to end the chaos within ourselves to fix it.  I don't watch the news anymore.  I monitor very carefully what I let in, but you really can't avoid what is going on unless you live in a cave in the middle of nowhere or a Tibetan mountaintop. The latest is yet another mass shooting.  Why do these things happen?  I will never know, we can blame it on guns, we can blame it on mental illness or we can blame it on ourselves.  We are a society that likes our toys and our beliefs and when the two mesh together bedlam occurs.  But we are the masters of our own ship, the captains of our destiny.  At least that is what we wish for, but how many people live the life they've imagined? We grow up with dre

An Update on the Long and Winding Road

The long and winding road that leads to your door Will never disappear I've seen that road before it always leads me here Leads me to your door     That is how I feel about hand embroidery and needlecrafts in general. No matter what is going on in my life, working is where I can shut out the noise and find peace.  It may not be brain surgery or add anything to anyone else's life but anything that brings us peace brings peace to the world.  If enough of us look for peaceful outlets maybe we can change the world.   I have recently gotten involved with a wonderful project that shows that if enough people get together and meditate truly wonderful things can happen called The Albany Peace Project.  They are trying to lower the crime rate in Albany NY using the power of prayer and meditation.  I am so looking forward to this project and hope and expect to find that this wonderful intention will work.  If you are interested in learning how to meditate and improve your lif

Spring Tree

Yes I know that it is fall but somehow a spring tree is where my head is today. Spring is a time of new beginnings.  A break with the past, a sprouting of new ideas and new attitudes. So for just this one moment on this one day it is spring.  I am filled with the possibilities of a life lived my own way.  I'm not sure it will stick or work but I do know I'm going to try to make my dreams a reality.  For the last few months I've been trying to find a way to escape reality.  Traveling down south which was just wonderful.  The food, the sun, the people.  Mostly the food, I went with my cousin who loves to eat and she converted me to the foodie way of life.  I've had lots of wonderful visitors too who reminded me of all the fun I can have here.  Mostly I've been trying to find a new man in my life, one to replace the imaginary one and to make me forget the mess my marriage was before it ended.  Not doing so well on that count and maybe that's a blessing.  I'