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Love, Love, Love

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and The Beatles swimming in my mind I thought I would share my latest piece.  I have been working a bit more at my day job but still adding hearts and pillows and art to my Etsy shop.  I am loving the peace, tranquility and meditation of my fingers and the needle moving and the colored thread being left on the fabric.  I am trying to remember simpler days when a great tune and a block of several hours used to be my favorite thing and it seems to be working, I’m embroidering again.  Not so much to music but to Netflix instead. My son is very happily in love as are some of my friends and I am rekindling my love of the stitch so all is good in the world.  I am so enjoying my job as a waitress and am very happy to have landed where I have.  My embroidery work is fun again too.  It’s been a weird(very weird) winter and well being an empath in the current days has been a challenge but thankful to escape to a restaurant with well fed people and to

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from me and the squirrel.  Hope this blog post finds everyone happy and healthy.  This little guy is available in my Etsy shop(  He is also a new design.  I made a lot of new designs in 2018.  Many more to come also.  I found my inner critic and I’ve silenced her so I take a few more baby steps out into the real world.  I made a promise to myself to add a blog post at least once a week so here is this weeks.  If you think of something you might like to see me conquer send me a comment.  I’ve added some lovely new pieces to my Etsy shop, a peace heart filled with pastel color French knots and a butterfly.  Have a couple more coming tomorrow so take a gander.  Keep on stitching!