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Mighty Sun

This blog entry is a wish and a share! I wish the sun would come out for a little more then a few hours. It's been awfully rainy up here in my neck of the woods. And this is one of my new purses. It is based on Mighty Sun the hand embroidery on watercolored muslin. However it is done with permanent markers and outlined in hand embroidery. I'm trying to see if my designs carry over to a less expensive market. I'm kind of torn by the whole thing as I don't really want to water down my hand embroidered framed pieces but I wonder if my designs will sell on a more consistent basis. Oh well any suggestions would be deeply appreciated and they did seem to get a lot of eye action at the riverfest. I don't think I commented earlier about the Riverfest. I had a wonderful time(until I worked myself into a panic after getting lost in Troy) but it wasn't really a buying crowd. They had bands, and food, and the weather held out for much of the day and I got to hang

Brian's Graduation

Hi All! My beautiful son is a graduate! He graduated Thursday and I have never been so proud and joyful. He is a great kid(strike that, young adult). It was a beautiful day although a bit humid(luckily no rain) and the graduation was held at SPAC. There are two pictures, one of Brian before graduation and one with my husband Peter after the ceremony. We went out to dinner afterward with my son and my inlaws who came up from Long Island. We had a great meal and a wonderful time. Then we came back for cake and marveled at how quickly the last 18 years have come and gone. A joyful time was had by all. Will be back tomorrow with some new pictures of my work and hopefully I can get back into the blogging swing of things now that my life has finally slowed down. See you soon and Blessings to all of you!

Just checking in!

Whoa! Almost feel like I have a horse I have to harness! So much is going on at the same time I've been very negligent about my blog. My son went to the prom, I have pictures but haven't downloaded them to the computer yet. He had a great time, his date looked lovely, he looked quite handsome. We set up his courses in college(or should I say I did a lot easier job then I made it look). His graduation is in two weeks(from today). He has a gold tassel for being on the honor roll most of his 4 year career. Very exciting stuff. In my business very exciting and busymaking stuff too. Handful of Flowers was sold by Kathy at the Katbird Shop. I love to work with her. Lovely store, lovely lady and she sells my framed pieces(which makes me very, very happy). My friend Cheryl and I are doing the Troy River Festival in downtown Troy on June 20th. I'm so excited about that. It is very well advertised and in previous years was something I always wanted to do(but needed a fir