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Catching up

It's that time of year when all good crafters minds go to Christmas ornaments and everything Christmas.  The Albany Shaker show is up and running until December 14, they are open Monday thru Saturday from 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, closed on Sunday.  Once again there is a room full of wonderful crafts, Christmas decorations and gifts.  Come and give it a look. I am busy making ornaments for my other outlets and busy making scarves and bags for a new venue.  I'll let you know more when I am firmly ensconced. I'm also at the Barn in Burnt Hills this Saturday.  It's a lovely venue and if you would like directions let me know. I have reopened my Etsy shop and will be selling ornaments at the moment.  I have a couple of art shows coming up early next year.  I am so excited about them and have been busy trying to finish the Long And Winding Road in between everything else.  It is really coming along and almost finished.  More information about the art sh


Floating   She was floating in the middle of a lake, the most beautiful color of blue she had ever seen. The water was so still and serene.   The lake was surrounded by tiny white crystals of sand, the beautiful smooth feeling sand of the tropics not the coarse sand of the Northeast.     As she was floating she could see all way down to the bottom, seeing the reflection of the small pebbles on the bottom in the sun.   She was out there alone, immobile in peace.   She had nowhere to go, nobody to see, no responsibilities at the moment.   She was in complete peacefulness.   A beautiful serenity enveloped her.   She had such a beautiful time floating around aimlessly drinking in all the beauty.   She was floating far enough out there where nothing could reach her except a cool, gentle breeze.   She felt so safe and secure out there floating around.   It was as if nothing could reach her and she could just find a moment’s peace.   Floating, floating, floating.    She wanted to b

I Need You

I Need You   I need you to be here to pick me up when I fall, I need you to be here when I hear the children cry, I need you to be here when I see the waters overflow the shoreline, I need you to tell me it will not start raining and never stop, I need you to kiss the back of my neck and remind me that I am loved, Unconditionally, totally. I need you here in body not just in spirit. I need you when I see the connections everywhere and do not understand what they mean, I need you to find me when I am lost. I need you to bring me to heaven on earth. I need you to remind me that everything will be all right while the world collapses around us. While children go hungry, while woman are victimized, when our brothers are angry and need comfort themselves. Show me you are real when I need to believe in something. We all need to believe in something. We are all one and when one of us is in chaos we are all in chaos. I need you when I look into the eyes of

Hang In There

My internet is out of order and I am at Panera, so me and my cardinal friend are here to sing a pretty little bird song for you. No matter what is happening in your life, hang in there like an ornament on a Christmas tree filled with the promise of a happy new day.  Tomorrow or an hour from now is always a new beginning.