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Art From the Heart for Haiti

Hand Embroidery on Watercolored Muslin Hi All! This piece is my entry at the Mimosa Gallery, 70 Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs, NY. Some of the proceeds are going to the Clinton/Bush Haiti fund. It will be showing until the end of March. The opening was last night and there are many beautiful pieces to choose from by many talented office so if you are in the neighborhood or planning a trip up here to the great North please check it out. The name of the piece is Rebirth. I chose green because it is the color of the heart chakra and because green symbolizes rebirth and transformation(at least to me). There is a cross inside of a leaf heart. I designed this piece specifically for Haiti as it came to me while I was watching the Haiti telethon. I hope that someone buys it because of it's meaning and it's purpose. My friend Cheryl also has a lovely plate showing there. All of Cheryl's work is beautiful but it is my hope that this lovely piece finds a home also. Good ne


Hand Embroidery on Water Colored Muslin This is Ribbons. It can be seen in person at the Fulton Street Gallery in Troy, New York. This piece was very twisted to embroider. I started it and then got distracted and picked it up again and then got distracted again and then finally finished it. It is outlined in black because it didn't seem finished when it was just red. That is also the reason for the kantha stitching which seems to bring the whole piece together. Perhaps it was too floaty or too much of a concept. It was one of those pieces that just kept twisting and turning until it seemed done just like a real ribbon does. I am starting to look at a lot of my work lately. Adding one or 100 more stitches when in the past I would have just said this is done. Now they just don't seem done until they seem done and looking at some of my old pieces displayed around my house I am looking at them anew. The watercolor and painting seems to become much more prominent. I fi

Sunny Sampler

Hand Embroidery on Acrylic Watercolored muslin Hi All! Sorry about such a long space in between blog posts but I've been on a pretty creative roll and I've been limiting my computer time(because I seem to get carried away on a spider in spider solitaire when I turn my computer on). This piece was fun. I had this beautiful piece of acrylic painted fabric and I started out with the sun in the center and then had the brilliant idea of doing a non traditional sampler. It was loads of fun. Back stitch, outline stitch, french knots, the little boxy thing bright orange and red colors. It was soooo much fun. I've been having quite a bit of fun lately filling every available piece of fabric with embroidery. Many more projects to come. I've made a small tree, another small fish, a cross(or my version of a cross). I finished a ribbon piece I started moons ago. And I've also framed a bunch. Add that to the photos of the two pieces accepted at the Fulton Gallery and

A little Fishy!

Hand Embroidery on Black Fabric I love this fish, absolutely love it. I love the way the blue kantha stitches look like different colors when they reflect the light even though I used one color of blue to stitch it. I love the little goldfish too. But as with all lightness there is a little darkness too with the fish I love. You can't see it in a dark room, not at all especially from a spot of 5 feet or more. It looks like a black blob of nothing. So I'm glad I love the fish and maybe with an outlet like the dreaded craft show I can explain it in a way that makes the owner understand that it deserves to see the light(where it is really beautiful and detailed) but otherwise it will be a reminder to me that if you are going to work in darkness you have to see the light. And I will find a nice sunny spot next to a window. I've got a lot going on in my business and my life so I'm still kind of catch me when you can but I'll try to come back soon with some news! So