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New Blog

Not really any news today. Went laptop shopping with the menfolk so didn't have much time to be creative. But I did find the most wonderful blog by Diane Evans who is an art quilter. I have seen her work around and about and she is local so I'm adding her blog to my blogroll. You can find her lovely work here( Also Spirit Cloth had a lovely post yesterday about Shy. The piece was beautiful. Valaine at Beneath the Clouds has a wonderful entry with a beautiful hand made journal. Judy at Counting Backwards is full of inspiration as are the rest of my lovely bloggy friends.

For the love of yarn

This is a little clutch purse I knitted recently. It's a little ditty but the yarn I used to knit it was wonderful. It was a lovely silk and wool blend that just felt divine. Just divine. The coloring is beautiful too. It's green and brown and orange and well just divinely colored. Today I went out with my friend Cheryl and her daughter Debbie. Debbie is a new knitter and I ventured to teach her single crochet which she got the hang of easily(I can't wait to see the treasures she makes). I told her about the lovely yarn store in Saratoga which has beautiful wonderful yarns and a great, really great discount box. I could feel my mood rising as I talked about the beautiful yarns and the textures and the wonderfulness of finding just the right yarn for the right project. At the moment Deb is a little leery of buying yarns but I have convinced her that she is ready for the splendor of my favorite yarn shop. Everybody is ready for the splendor of a yarn shop. Even if t

Moving along

I've been moving along with my purse making. This purse is a green and blue knit. Moving along in my life too. Just a few days short of 50 and on vacation(I'm always on vacation but my hubby is off this week too). Turning 50 is quite a milestone. Finally getting used to it I think. My son starts college in three weeks and I've been crocheting up a storm. I'm reading Thomas Moore's book on Life Work again. I love this book. Read it before Dark Nights of the Soul so thought I needed a reread. Hope all is well with all of my bloggy friends. My friend Valaine from Blue Owl Designs has a new blog Beneath the Clouds. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do. And Lee from Defining Me is back too. I may be a little scarce as we are doing a bunch of day trips but hopefully you will be as entertained with my friend's blogs and see you soon!

Funky Pink Bag

I loved making this bag! Just loved it. Loved the colors, loved the textures, loved the funkiness. I'm going to be 50 in two weeks. I love alternative music. My favorite bands at the moment are Cage the Elephant and Franz Ferdinand. I love to sing in my car and sometimes even dance(don't ask it's possible). I love to read spiritual books and I think I'm a little off kilter especially for your average frumpy housewife. I think it's time I admit that I'm not your average housewife and embrace the eccentricities that make me happy. No I'm not going through your average midlife crisis, I've always been a little off kilter and eccentric and I've always loved making funky pieces of art and funky bags. One of my best friends is a cancer survivor, she told me she tries to make as much out of one day as possible as life is too short. I think it was the one sentence I needed to hear from someone who believed it. So here I've outed myself. I'

Holes/Inspire Me Thursday

I was going to use my black hole called Hope for my Inspire Me Thursday entry but decided that my current project with a hole prominently in the middle of the hand(which will permanently stay there)is even better. First off this post is an homage to Drea from Drea Dear who has delighted me every weekend with her works in progress. She's a fabulous stitcher so go take a look. The name of this piece is circular hand and it was inspired by the most perfect watercolored bullseye right in the middle of the palm(thence the hole). It was always going to be a handful of circles but it's not very often when the fabric has something to say about the design and sure enough it was Kismet to have that circle right where it is. I guess I've come full circle myself since the first time I shared this hand. Another day another crafty artist show thing. No sales but something remarkable happened anyway, people commented and admired the work I want to do. Now an $85.00 embroidered hand