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Marmalade Skies

Well it's been a while, a long while.  I've not quite found my voice or my vision yet but I haven't given up.  This piece is called Marmalade Skies and it was inspired by the Beatles.  When I think of marmalade skies I think of some sort of psychedelic dream.  Most of my work is inspired by some sort of psychedelic dream.  I get stuck when I change my vision and try to do work that will appeal to the masses coming from my slightly more than ordinary mind.  Stuck in the mud of brown and ecru and country red. Not that there is anything wrong with brown and ecru and country red but my heart sings for turquoise, orange and lime green.  Color wakes me up from the ordinary world of perfection that lies outside my window on a sunny day.  I can't compete with Gods vision.  I can't recreate the sound of the birds, the briskness of the air, or the snow glistening on the pavement. I can only march down the road of making my life more colorful.  Of making my heart sing even if