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Inspire Me Thursday- Albert Einstein

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science." - Albert Einstein Not being a science person(although I do have a passing fancy about metaphysics and physics in general) I didn't think I would find a quote of Albert Einstein's to inspire me. Well knock me down with a mysterious feather, this one caught my eye. What is art but the mysterious brought into creation? Everyone can look at the same object but see something different in it. And usually the reason behind it is somewhat mysterious. The mystery of the human mind and the idea that art and interpretation comes from it. I'm also not a photographer but I have many photographer friends and every time I look at one of their interesting and beautiful photographs I am caught again by the idea that you could put a group of photographers in a room and each of them would focus on something different. It is much the same with knitters and a ball of


Passion. The art of doing work that you love and what there is about it that makes you passionate about it. The piece above is called Heart in My Hand. It is hand embroidered using beautiful variations of green with a heart of beautiful variations of red. First let me say that as an artist I feel that love begins in our hands and our hearts. Yes some of it comes from our head but once you get going on a piece your head kind of disappears and your heart or your hands take over. Heart in My Hand combines some elements of my work I am passionate about. I love to hand embroider hands. So many nooks and crannies to embroider into and putting a life to a simple hand is extraordinary. I guess my passion for hand embroidery and how my hands work to make each stitch different adds to my fascination of hands. Another element of my work that I am passionate about is trees. Trees are a wonderful symbol of life. Each one significant and unique. I love the simplicity and great detail of a

The Light Within Inspire Me Thursday

This is an open thread on Inspire Me Thursday so I thought I would share one of my latest pieces. It is called The Light Within. It's another one of those pieces that just popped into my head. It seems like a good time to remember the light within with the exciting news and the idea of optimism that a President Elect Barack Obama brings. The last few years and especially the last few months have been a little dark but a new president especially with one with the message of change is fresh and exciting and light. Perhaps he will be able to turn our collective ship around. The Light Within is a hand embroidered piece, starting with varying degrees of yellow on the inside, then varying degrees of orange and then varying degrees of red. My work shines the light within no matter how dark the outside is. My life is abuzz in changes. My son is looking at colleges and he got his driver's license. One of the galleries that showed my work has closed and with the economy in the

Busy, busy, busy

Well my life has been a whirlwind since last we met. I have been busy getting ready for the Albany Shaker Christmas Craft Fair. If you are in the neighborhood you can stop by and see some of beautiful wares made by myself and hundreds of others. It's an annual event and you can find beautiful handmade gifts in every price range. It is now open and it will continue until December 21st. The hours are 10 to 4 Monday thru Saturday(the hours may be different on Saturday check with the museum). It is closed on Sunday. I am still showing my work at the Katbird Shop in Schnectady and also Silver Birch Trading in Albany NY. Email me if you wish more information. Kismet Gallery has closed. It was a remarkably young and vibrant gallery and was very disappointed to see it close. A true pleasure to do business with and I know that before long the talented owners will open another beautiful outlet for artists and their wares. I was so excited to be part of it. The election and the won