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Gone Fishing!

Just been taking a break from the blogosphere. Not really fishing but I've been working and hanging. I almost finished the Leap. And I took a jewelry class with a few friends. Learned how to make a bracelet, next week we learn necklaces. Was fun and then we went out for a few drinks so a good time was had by all. No news on the work front. I have a craft show at the end of the month. I've been working a bit more, not as much as I'd like but more then before. Still have my blocked days. So I can't believe it's the end of March. Time is certainly flying by. Will be back in a more businesslike informative mood soon. Miss you. I'll take a look at your blogs next time I'm here. Keep stitching

The Leap Continue

Hi Folks! This is a picture I took of the Leap a couple of days ago. The piece has been moving along nicely and the next time you see it, it will probably be finished. I've been working a lot! I didn't do very well at the craft show the other day but I learned several lessons and had a great time. My friend Carrie was there, she is a wonderful artist who does beautiful fantasy paintings and illustrations. I'm hoping I talked her into starting her own blog so I can add a link to her absolutely beautiful work. She makes beautiful jewelry too! I brought the Leap and a hand bag I am working on(one of my hand embroidered hands) and got several wonderful comments, including one about how my work is evolving(from another lovely lady I know from the craft circuit). A gentleman that was taken with one of my other hand bags(from the coop, I'll share a photo soon) and a man who said I made the most beautiful french knots. Most importantly I decided that if I was going to si

Hi Folks!

Hi I'm just checking in or checking out whichever you prefer. Been getting ready for my craft show at the Rexford FireHouse so no new updates on the leap but after Saturday I'll post some. If you are in the neighborhood of the Rexford Fire House I'd be glad to see you. My son has a cold, I have a cold and my husband has a cold. He is completely recovered from his wisdom teeth. He's doing great in driver's ed and everything is great in the world. So see you after Saturday and have a great Friday. Keep stitchin!

The Leap / Part 2

This is the Leap. It has been transferred to muslin and outlined with Black embroidery thread. Next time you see it, it will have some color added to it. I haven't decided what colors will be featured except I suppose for the sun. That should probably be yellow. Since that's a no brainer that will probably be the first detail to be finished. It was a lovely spring day, the first day up here in upstate New York that had even a tinge of spring to it. I worked on several pillows for my upcoming craft show March 15th at the Rexford Fire Department if you are in the area. It was really a delightful day between the early spring weather and the ability to work. It has been a challenge lately getting my mojo back but I'm happy to say I think it is. Not much more to add, thank you for all your comments on the first Leap post. I'll be back soon with more photos and hopefully lots more work to share including the loop. Please go visit my links, there are wonderful people

The Leap/Inspire Me Thursday

OK I'm sure you're wondering what the heck is this. It is the Leap. Thursday I went to Inspire Me Thursday and saw that the topic was Leap and I was frankly not inspired until about 1:00 in the morning last night. All of a sudden the Leap came to me. Now I know it doesn't look like much at the moment but once my needles and embroidery thread get done with it, it will be lovely(I'm optimistic again). When I was in the coop my favorite monthly theme was Artist at Work, in which we would start a project, work on it while we were there and leave our work unfinished for people to look at. I found the whole experience very centering(since I was embroidering) and very interesting. So to put one of my favorite coop experiences together with my work, I am taking a leap and I will be posting updates of the piece once or twice a week until it's finished. Perhaps it will give some insight to my work and some thought processes of my needles. My needles seem to have a lif