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Love is Always the Answer

Love is always the answer, Even when we don’t know what the question is.  Is it knowing that they are always there even when you are alone. Is it the laughter you hear, the kisses down your back, the body next to you in bed, Love is infinite, unending, powerful. It can move mountains, transform, protect. Love transcends togetherness, it’s always there.  It never ends. It’s the words to s song that plays in your head. It’s the journey to wholeness in ourselves. Love is the motivation for change. Love is our hope and our promise for the future. Love is our bond and our connection to the past. Love is always the answer, even when we don’t know what the question is. This lovely heart can be found on my Etsy shop.   www, 

Piece Of My Heart

Love, Peace, Joy, Sheep, Hedgehogs, Pine Trees.  I can make a beautiful hand embroidered heart ornament of anything you wish.  Each one takes a little piece of my heart along with it.  The ornaments range in cost from $15 to $22.00.  Each one is hand drawn and hand embroidered.  They make a beautiful gift.  You can find over a hundred different hearts and pillows on my Etsy site. Here’s a little Janis to enjoy.