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Wow so many moments

have passed. I may have mentioned earlier that I think I am going through the big M. The only positive thing I have to talk about at the moment is my work. I've been busy embroidering and have my one and only craft show coming up in a couple of weeks. Other then that I'm kind of at a crossroad. You name a symptom of the big M and I've got it. I'm tired, cranky(think PMS all the time), forgetful, and contemplative. If I don't write it down or drop everything to do it, it just doesn't get done(as you can probably tell by my infrequent blog posts lately). I'm still looking for outlets to sell my work and thankful for the Katbird Shop, the gallery never called so I guess my work wasn't what they were looking for. I'll keep looking for opportunities and leave it up to the universe as worrying about it is making me even more scattered and menopausal. OK more kvetching. I have been sewing machine less for a few days. I finally decided to sew some

Been Really Really Busy

Making art. I brought my work to the Katbird Shop in Schenectady so if you are in the neighborhood stop on in and take a gander. She has a beautiful selection of different local and not so local artists. Such a wonderful thing to have a purpose behind my work again. I've also contacted another Gallery. Not much to report but looks like a really great place to display my work, where my housewife persona won't get in the way. I'll let you know if anything wonderful happens there too. Very cool and very funky and I think my work would look great mixed in with all that cool funky stuff. So wish me luck. Other then that me, my shadow and my embroidery needle have been so busy. I'm working on another hand. It is coming out beautifully and can't wait to share it. Hopefully by the end of next week. I did another lotus, not framed and forgot to take a picture of the last one before I brought it to Katbird. The Katbird one was a lovely pink and this one is lovely l