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Seize the Day

  Moving Along Stitch by stitch, Tear by tear, Is today the day I finally say Enough is enough. Yes it is. I am going to finish this piece, I am going to honor my commitments, To my son, the child I bore To the job I barely work To the business I've let slide To the spiritually awakening which has left me distraught and searching. I still believe in God even after all this. He will help me find the answers. Nobody else can. To everybody who has tried to help me Thank you! I am grateful really I am. Seize the day!

Mea Culpa

This is still the Long and Winding Road, it is the only thing I can basically work on at the moment. Lots and lots of green and backstitching.  I am looking forward to a couple more lazy daisies, French knots and birds on the road less traveled.  I'll keep sharing photos of this piece and anything else that inspires me. This is the end of the hand embroidery portion of my blog post. Sometimes all you can do is start over.  Hope that the people who used to read your blog and buy your work will some day come back.  Hope that the friends you've lost will come back and be thankful for those who haven't left you in spite of yourself.  I'm really grateful for my family especially my son. I have been dealing with issues of the soul for about a year maybe longer.  I have been stuck in one awfully long dark night of the soul.  I'm not quite sure how to move forward.  I don't have any explanations except that I think I may have some psychic abilities which are crea

Seond half under way

It's really hot up here in the Northeast so this is my version of a day at the beach.    Embroidering in the air conditioning.  As you can see the second half of the Long and Winding Road is underway.  I have added a French knot peacock, a chain stitch tree, some lazy daisies and a few French knots for color.   You can see the dark pond peaking out from the top and one of the crows.  I'll add more soon. I took this piece with me to the Albany Shaker Craft show this weekend and it kept me company and kept me anxiety free( a miracle truly).  It was a lovely experience with many nice people to talk to. Didn't come home any richer money wise but it was nice talking to so many people.  I'm not computing as much as I used to(another miracle) and I'm writing a bit more but not really sharing.  So there you have it my version of a day at the beach, or more accurately a day on the Long and Winding Road.


Some days we just have to be grateful for the little things.  Today I am grateful that I fulfilled all my goals for the day.  I am grateful for embroidery which brings me back to my center even on those not so grateful days.  I am grateful for my aunt who called at just the right time.  I am grateful for my beautiful son who makes me grateful every day.  And I am grateful for  the delicious mushroom ravioli and vegetable meatballs(surprisingly delicious).


Words can be very dangerous or very lovely.  They can be used to lift up or break down.  They can be seen by millions of people if we write them on the internet.  They can be used to make someone laugh or make someone cry.  If negative words are spoken to young children often enough they can grow up thinking that who they are, what they love, and how they see the world is wrong and that they are unlovable.  Which in turn makes them unlovable.  It's a fact.  Things that are said in jest, in anger, in boredom or just plain said can have far reaching effects on each one of us which affects all of us as a whole.  So time to put out thinking caps on and say some prayers for the people all over the world living through their own imaginations.  Especially if those imaginations are filled with fear instead of love. Hand embroidery is not so life altering.  This is a tree which is on The Long and Winding Road.  It was made with straight stitches for the trunk and chain stitches for the

Tomorrow Begins Today

This is a song I wrote, now if only I can find someone to sing it for me. Seize the Day Don't waste anymore time waiting for things that won't come. Somehow you have to seize the day, and find out all you can be. Because tomorrow begins today. You can spend all your days on yesterdays With the ghosts that live in your head Or you can wake up one day and hear your heart say You've found me cos you are the one. The one in my dreams, the one who it seems can be anything that they want, So don't waste your day looking away, But spend time with the ones that you love. Don't look for replacements for those who you love, But ask precious God to send one from above, He listens I know cos I've heard him say Tomorrow begins today. Don't cling to tomorrows with more pain and sorrows But find your place in the sun For you never know what the Good lord will show When you finally decide to move on. No more regrets, No more sad days Tomorrow