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Things are Picking up!

Hi All! My friend's sister picked up her bag and loved it so here it is for you to see. Things have been soooooooooo busy lately. I'm working all the time. I sold a framed piece called Flamethrower(it's a hand embroidered framed hand made out of lovely shades of orange which of course I didn't take a picture of) and The Katbird Shop sold my lovely hand embroidered Stella, she is the face on my flicker account. I hope her new owner loves her as much as I enjoyed making her. I am so excited to see things actually sell. I love, love, love what I do and now have a reason to do it 24/7 so of course my mood is soaring. At the moment I have another tree waiting to be framed, it's a bit of a leaner so I think I'm going to call it Leaning Tower of Treesa. I have a heart bag which I'm embroidering(pictures to follow and I'm working on a knit bag kind of shapely, not too thrilled with it in it's current form but think once it's assembled it will be

In from the Light Side

Today is my first day on the computer since Sunday. And then I just checked email. Busy, busy, busy. Happily, joyfully, busy. I have a big craft show this weekend at the Albany Shaker Museum so if you are in the neighborhood please drop in. I've have another appointment to show my work at another gallery to see if they will carry it. Hope they do another lovely person to work with. I've been busy embroidering and knitting purses(pictures to come)the last few days so I'm moving right along.And love, love, love the idea of having other's sell my work. I can just be creative and not worry about the sale of my work. For some reason since I realized I am an "artist" I have a god awful time selling my own work. It also seems like the more expressive I become the harder it is to relate myself to it. Perhaps it's the DebraAnn thing. When I work I am DebraAnn a rather creative person who is dealing with my center and when I'm Debbie, I'm just De

Blue Moons

As in once in a blue moon unfortunately. Blue Moons is one of the projects that has kept me very busy in the last few weeks. Lot's of happenings. I've had my purses accepted to the Kismet Gallery which I am so excited about. My purses are the fun part of my work so it's great to have another outlet. I'm working on making more fun things for the Katbird Shop and I have a craft show at the Albany Shaker Museum next weekend. So I've been working very hard(which in reality is hardly working) and my mood has improved 10 fold. I have plenty of new pictures to share besides blue moon so keep an eye out. Other news, school is over. Summer is here. My 21st wedding anniversary was last week and my inlaws may be coming up for the fireworks on Thursday so fun or not my lovely work will have to wait at least one day while I attempt to make my home look clean enough for the inlaws. I know I usually have lame excuses for why I'm not blogging but I guess this time