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Popping in!

No pictures to share. Seems I have a lot of framing to do. And then a lot of picture taking to do and oh well just a lot of stitchin to do too. I finished a hand embroidered tree this week and another piece I call Swaying which both have to be framed. I started another hand, I'm thinking of downloading it every couple of days in progress so let me know if you think that's a good idea. I made some little twigs and berry hearts in frames for my neighborhood friends, I made Dancin for my friend Carol in peaceful blue colors, and I am contemplating a piece for my friend Emily. She likes dragonflies but I want to make it special so I'm contemplating how to follow through. The weather here has been frightful not delightful so I've been busy stitchin and reading and all those fun inside things we love to do all year round but seem much less guilty about when the weather is frightful. Getting ready for Christmas. I still haven't sent out my Christmas cards but I did

Lucinda on a Norman Rockwell Day

You were introduced to Stella a few months ago so I thought I'd introduce you to Lucinda who is now residing at the Katbird Shop. Lucinda is sort of an homage to my grandmother Lucy. I couldn't bear to call her Lucy because then it would have been to painful to part with her so her name is Lucinda. She doesn't really look anything like my grandma Lucy anyway. When I make a face that looks enough like her to deserve the name Lucy she will be mine. I'm thinking about grandma Lucy a lot today. It's a Norman Rockwell postcard of icicled trees sparkling in the sunshine. But alas icicles look so much prettier on a Christmas card or in a painting. I'm sort of lucky that I have my electricity so I'll just conclude the Norman Rockwell comparison with a hope that all of my friends that are scattered about in the upstate NY community I live in have their power turned back on as quickly as possible and that the retail shops will be able to reopen quickly. Not a

The Dress/Inspire Me Thursday

Two posts in one day. I decided to comment on the dress prompt because of the irony. Myself an artist who makes pretty lovely purses which I hope people will wear with their lovely dresses despises the dress. Never liked them even as a child. I can name my favorite dresses on one hand(well maybe more then one hand we'll see). I liked my communion dress. It was a lovely lace like dress which was a mini which was the style when I made my communion. There is a picture of me somewhere in it standing with my brother who has a big gap in the middle of his bangs as he decided to cut his hair because he was jealous of my hair cut. Probably the cuteness of him is why I look at the picture and remember that dress. Then there was the red dress I wore on my first date ever. A Christmas dance with a boy on the cross country team named Mike(I think it was his first date also as he let me out of the car across the street in the snow). It was a red clinging dress with spaghetti straps an

The Passion Part Two

This is the Passion. I finished it last week and it is now hanging in the Katbird Shop in downtown Schenectady. The Passion came to me on the way home from the Katbird Shop and it was only right that it grace their walls(and hopefully someone's home). I am always inspired by the works of others. When I go to the Katbird Shop I am inspired by the wonderful owner of such a beautiful shop with such beautiful things and the lovely way Kathy runs her business. She is such a pleasure to work with. A woman who is following her dream. She gives me hope that someone will find beauty in the way in which I follow my dream. Passion. What does it mean to me? My family. I am passionate about my husband and my son. Peace. I am passionate about finding peace in the world. Life is never perfect but the ability to lose myself in a hand embroidery project is a gift from God. Color, I love the contrast of colors in a sublte manner or not so subtle. Hand embroidery. As I mentioned earlie

The Stitch

Stitches are so many things. We use stitches to mend things. We use stitches to keep us in laughter. We use stitches to make our soul sing. We use the stitch, the simple solitary stitch for so many things. A stitch in time saves nine. I don't know about the other 8 but my love of the stitch has certainly saved me. There is a lot going on in my non stitching life and most of it isn't worth sharing or perhaps I just don't want to but most of the time just a little time with my embroidery and knitting does the trick. I'm still in the midst of figuring out how my tangled little thread of a life will turn out now that my son is almost gone and my services as a stay at home mom are not quite needed as urgently as they used to be. My starving artist persona is keeping me starving and the rest of my life is falling apart at the seams through no fault of my own(ok maybe I bear an iota of the responsibility for the stuff that pertains to me personally). The road is a lit