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Well, it's been a real long, long time

Never meant it to be quite so long, but life happens and before you know it a long, long,long time has passed. No pictures today as my camera has been on vacation too and needs to be charged. Well let's start at the beginning of my hibernation. I was totally blocked, no maybe's, no excuses, just blocked. And thanks to the lure of christmas and a few obligations I eventually became unblocked(thanks to the old standby, christmas ornaments where the only goal is to make each one a little different). I've had this weird allergic thing going on for months with a range of symptoms that have made me a little crazy I think. My family, friends and neighbors and anybody who will listen can attest to that I'm sure. Still have it but after all this time I've gotten used to it. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad. The lovely Kathy at the Katbird Shop has sold a few of my favorite pieces. She sold Just Hand and Mighty Sun. She's sold some bags and som