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Howdy Folks!

Well, the sciatic is gone. The creative drought is over and my wonderful friend Cheryl got me into a store that she works with so starting next early next week my work will be available at the Katbird Shop in Downtown Schenectady. I am so excited and looking forward to working with a purpose again. I had a wonderful lunch with Cheryl at Pinhead Susan's if you are ever in the Schenectady area. Wonderful Irish fries which are sweet potato fries. But spending time with my friend Cheryl was wonderful too. She is an ever so talented bead and glass artist. Her work is in the Katbird Shop also and she is in an artists coop in Cambridge called Valley Artisans so if you are in the neighborhood please go see her beautiful work. My friend Judy as some wonderful new work at her website which you can find a link to on the side. My friend Emily belongs to the Quilt guild and she is making quilts for charity which are beautiful too. She doesn't have a quilt blog or a website but she d

No Pictures and a Driveby

Blogging that is. Today was a good day. I have sciatica(not so good) but because I was only comfortable in one position I got a lot of embroidering done today. Made my life happy. It has been a little bit too drive by with the working. Still pondering doors opening and closing. Realized I have not been working enough nor blogging enough but if embroidering can make a sciatica pain a little less who knows what it can do for my heart. Just checking in. Hope you are all well. Think I'll go blog visiting. PS if you have any suggestions for sciatica that don't include going to the doctor let me know.

Doors/ Inspire Me Thursday

Closing one door and opening another. For the past few months I've been taking stock of my life and what doors to keep open and what doors to close lately. My son is now 17 and looking at colleges, so the mom door is closed a bit more then it used to be. I'm still trying to find an outlet for my work and still trying to get my butt in gear to work in the first place. I've decided to close the craft show door except for just a couple of them I don't really enjoy them all that much and well I don't really seem to sell anything. It also takes time I don't have to make work I don't sell. I'm still working on my big project, it's almost finished. And most of all I'm trying to live my truth and close the door on my mask. I'm reading Eckhart Tolles book and it's quite interesting and quite introspective. I think the idea is to just open the door to the moment and let the past and the future take care of themselves. I guess middle age is

The Leap Conclusion

Well folks this is the conclusion of the leap. Finally finished it and finally, finally got it in the frame, which was harder then embroidering it. I did the fiber art craft show last week and met lovely lovely artists and my friends Pat and Carrie were there too. I had a good time but no moolah so I'm gonna take it easy on the craft shows. I'm gonna do one that my friend Carrie is running and the Albany Shaker Museum which is my favorite all time craft location. Such a wonderful peaceful feeling when you in the meeting house. Life has been just a wee bit topsy turvy. I'm still getting used to being the mom of a few days short 17 year old. It's mostly an objective observer at this age as they don't really need you unless they are hurt or they want something. He took his SAT's this morning and he is looking foward to his birthday. And I am waxing nostalgic about his life and what a difference my life is since I've had him. Not much else to talk abou