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Another day

This is the knit bag that I spoke about a while ago with all the different colors and bobbins. Thanks to Becky from Knit One, Purl Two for her lovely Kaffe Fassett suggestion of doing away with the bobbins. It really worked great. It was a while ago I wrote about this bag but I finished it in the last few weeks. I'm working on another scarf and Kathy from Katbird sold my satellite bag which was freeform thread crochet. It was very exciting and she also sold one of my crazy embroidered framed hearts. My son is adjusting wonderfully to college and I have lost 5 pounds since my doctors visit at the beginning of the month. So life is good and I'm finally adjusting positively to all this change. Hope all is well with each and every one of you! See you soon.

More twisting and turning

Hi All! This is my newest scarf, I'm calling it a brown lariat at the moment. I worked on this scarf during the Albany Shaker Museum craft show. I didn't do very well yesterday either but I love to make what I make and do what I do so I'll keep at it and maybe try it out at Katbird Shop and Artcetera. And I am in the Albany Shaker Christmas craft show which is the greastest experience ever. I also volunteer there during Christmas and it really puts you in the Christmas spirit. It also allows me to visit the Albany Shaker Meeting house which has such a spiritual feeling to it. It's across from Albany Airport and it runs from the end of October thru the week before Christmas. More certain dates when it gets closer to the show. I am working on renewing my health and getting back to an exercise program. I've been on the meditarrenean diet which I love for a little less then a month. I think I've lost a bit of weight but I'm not really concerning myself

Finding My Way

Twisting, turning, blowing in the wind. This is where I am at the moment and this scarf kind of says it all, it is twisting, winding and I'm sure it would blow in the wind. A not so long blowing in the wind scarf. Today I was at Albany Shaker and another show no sales, but lots of great commentary, really great commentary on my work, my new work. The work I love to do. As I go through another craft show wondering if I want to keep on going, the answer is yes. After having to explain to my hubby why once again I was not going to make doggie sweaters(my hubby has been telling me to make doggie sweaters for years, perhaps a doggie scarf, or perhaps not) I realized I love what I do, I love the feel of the yarn, I love the meditative quality of the needles(or crochet hook, or embroidery needle). I love the painsticking details and having something come out of my twisty, turny brain instead of someone elses. It's not really about profit to me. It's truly just self expre


Going around in circles. That is what I feel like lately. Having a ball(or a circle) crocheting and knitting my way through the house. Tumultous life everywhere else. Too much to go into(although it is the reason for my infrequent posts)so we'll talk about the feel of the yarn and the fun of making circles from beautiful textures of color into a lovely scarf . I'm working on another scarf which is a long and winding road of color and I've made a few small bags and a few large ones too. More photos of work to come. Last week I took photos of everything new on a black velvet background to showcase the colors and textures, unfortunately the black velvet made everything look very dark(to match my mood of course)so I will get my work together on my dining room table and take new pictures soon. Don't get me wrong I am one very lucky woman, I have fabulous supportive friends and it's amazing what a ball of yarn and some cool music in the background can do but thi

Just a note

I really don't have too much to share but I have joined another community from ning, which I love to visit and be inspired by. Indiepublic is a community of artists and people who want to buy handmade goods so a heads up for anybody unfamiliar with it. I really do want to say a word about these communities. They are filled with talented people who never fail to inspire. Be it one of the fiber or hand embroidery communities or something a little more broad like Indiepublic it is one of the ways to deal with the solitude of being an artist. So feel free to peruse any of these wonderful community sites and friend me if you read my blog. Blessings and best wishes and I'll be back real soon with some photos!

New Beginnings

I've been spending a lot of my summer being introspective and trying to figure out which direction I'm traveling. Well slowly but surely I've discovered that I have rekindled my love of knitting and crocheting and the ideas and projects have been moving nicely along and my mood moving nicely along with it. I still don't know how it will turn out "out there" but I know it makes me feel better "in here" so onward I go. I haven't given up hand embroidery all together but the ideas are flowing with the yarn and the needles so needlecrafted means something a little different today then it did at the beginning of the summer. My son has entered college and moved from a helpless high school student to an adult college student overnight. Hopefully mom will move along with him. It's so hard to move along to a different kind of relationship with my son. I have been your classic only mother catering to his every whim and our relationship grew over t