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I am still working on this piece and am more than half way done now.   Hooray!   The first half was finished yesterday and this is how the second half is coming along.   I’m finding it difficult to put it down, losing track of time.    I guess that means I’m on that long and winding road again, pun intended.   On the writing front, I have been waking up with country songs in my head, I think they are coming from me.   Maybe inspired by my recent trip to Nashville or maybe inspired by something a little more divine.     Not ready to share them at all but having fun writing them anyway.     

Needles and Pins

  Up and down goes the needle, In and out go the pins, Focusing on the fabric, Trying to make beauty.     Trying to forget the past, Trying to fix that which is broken, Not sure which way to go, But finding solace in the up and downs and ins and outs.   Focus, focus, focus, Live in the moment, Grab it, live it, love it, For once it is gone you will miss it everyday.        


Gonna focus on this   A stitch in time   A stitch online A beautiful tree Some embroidery   A new beginning. Enjoy your Sunday! 

The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding Road that leads to your door.  I've been on a road trip with my cousin.  I am so grateful for her companionship and the great times we had.  We had beautiful weather, wonderful food and met lots of inspiring people.  I worked on the Long and Winding Road during my travels.  We went to Nashville, New Orleans, Graceland, Pensacola, Thomasville, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia Beach and ate crabs in Maryland.  It was loads of fun and I have a bunch of pictures to share at some point. I loved it so much I'm trying to figure out a new destination soon. Now it's time to dedicate myself to something, have a couple of craft fairs coming up, would still like to travel, and feel it's necessary to unplug so although my blog posts are few and far between they will remain that way for the time being .  I am having  a very hard time writing at the moment.  I miss my bloggy friends with all your inspirational blog posts and your artistry hopefully I'll