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We don’t need 50 solutions we need ONE

We are Americans.  We care about each other and American values.  We’ve had presidents who have gotten us through wars, through 9/11, through assassinations, through impeachments.  Through lean times and prosperous ones. Who brought the country together instead of dividing it.  Who didn’t promote fighting with their relatives at Thanksgiving and calling everything a hoax.  Even if they weren’t the best president ever they brought us together in times of crisis.  Today as I listened to our president blame Andrew Cuomo for not ordering ventilators two years ago and Anthony Fauci blame New Yorkers for traveling around the country and giving Americans the Coronavirus I was really thankful that Andrew Cuomo took charge and quarantined us.  That he somehow got the tests that make our state the epicenter of this horrible virus.  It’s everywhere folks as shown by all of the stories I have shared.  In some cases these states that are not testing their citizens are held up as models by our pre

Be Brave

I have always said that my son is the reason I wake up every morning.  He is in love and happy so I’ve kind of kept my distance from him lately.  The realization of this virus and how deadly it could be put me in a panic yesterday.  The thought that I may possibly die(irrational maybe)without seeing his face in person made me walk in the rain and visit him uninvited.  Raising him was the greatest job I ever had.  Raising your children is an honor.  So when you are in close quarters trying to get your work done and trying to keep your children entertained remember it is a gift you have been given.  Some day they will move on to lives of their own and you could be very alone and have to live with yourself for a while.  I am ok I’ve been living with myself the last few months but I do kind of wish this had happened 15 years ago so I could be with the people I loved.  Be safe.  Please stay healthy and when all this is over hopefully we all will remember what is most important. This he

All You Need is Love

Well it’s been a while.  And what a strange trip it’s been.  This lovely pillow is available on Etsy. .  Now for the strange trip so you can move on if you are only interested in my art. I had a short lived Grub Hub career.  Making money delivering food is both easy and very hard.  I had quite the adventure culminating in a weekend that saw me delivering food to a recycling plant with hard hats and trucks and backing out about 200 feet, driving the wrong way on a one way street in Albany and locking my keys in the car while in a desolate mobile home park in the freezing cold.  I kind of loved it anyway and can see why people do it and why I might still do it after getting commercial insurance policy.  You can’t make a claim on your insurance if you are a driver for hire in NY state.  Luckily it was dark and there was hardly anybody else on the one way street. I’ve been kind of putting my art and pillows on the back burner in order to conquer my dire financ