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Peace and Circles

This is Peace!  My lovely friend Lisa commissioned this piece or Peace because she was worried about me.  I seem to make all the people who love me worry about me every once in a while.  She's worried and I'm a little worried because a job I love only needs me two days a week and after a month or two of really crappy hours I'm in full out panic mode.  Now I've been working(or to be honest not working) on the Peace for a couple of months while I've been having just a wee bit of a meltdown. After weeks of crying and looking for another serving position(since I truly love being a server) I'm kind of at the end of my rope.  It's a wee bit demoralizing to beg for hours and be turned down for a new position both at the same time.  Lisa reminded me that I have another job, that of being an artist and to get going on her Peace so she can pay me.  She knew it wasn't really about the money but the peace I find in my embroidery needle, floss and colors not to m