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Finally The Hand

This is the world famous hand(or my blog famous hand). I previously only had one photo of the hand but here it is in it's completion and a close up of the detail. I have had several questions about how the hand was created so here goes. I started with your standard wool glove. Then I stuffed the glove with fiberfill. I then wrapped it up like a mummy hand with muslin. It looked like that bandaged hand that comes out of the dirt in the horror movies. I then started in the palm with the flower. And then I added the tree on the other side. And then I filled in the rest of the hand with stitchery(the outline stitch which I love to use) and then I decided to mount it(this will come much earlier in the process the next time). It was the most fun I have had embroidering ever. The little nooks and crannies and the wonder of twisting all those different fingers and working in between them. That was the most fun and the most difficult. Mounting was also difficult as I did not add