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Long and Winding Road

This is  a piece I've shown before called The World as I See it. As I was working on this project I realized what a long and winding road my life and my work has become. It was started years ago and finished this last year.  This is a blog post from years ago that describes my journey of the past year which culminated in the worst time period in my life since the death of my father who was in a coma for 8 months before dying.  I am now back on the long and winding road of life and peace. I think everybody's life is a long and winding road to find peace and to find ourselves. With every stitch and every twist and turn my needle takes, a bit of my life unfolds before my eyes. It has been a strange and winding trip from a little town in New Jersey and making afghans to assuage my grief to a place where I can finally accept myself and all the little twists and turns that have made me an artist expressing my soul. Even a simple pillow  starts out as a design that comes fro

Sleepless in Seattle

Well I don't live in Seattle but I'm certainly sleepless and it feels like Seattle in my little part of upstate NY. I am a rain person because it allows me to do the work that I love without feeling guilty about what I should be doing and hating out in the great outdoors. Not an outdoors type, even in childhood when I would read books and knit and crochet and feel guilty that I wasn't out playing in the yard. Although this year has certainly changed my rainy day personality. It's been raining every day since June, some days just at night and sometimes all day long. I'd love just a couple of days of good old sunshine to say goodbye to the dismally wet summer. Then there is the sleepless part. I come from a long line of insomniacs and have been on and off since childhood. I'm in an on cycle. Last night I just gave in and embroidered Lucinda(my new face project) and listened to peaceful music for a half hour so 2:30 was the final lights out. Between the l