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Blue Bird

. Still having computer problems. Short and sweet. This is a hand embroidered blue bird. I wasn't exactly a bird fan(have had a phobia about them since I'm a kid)so I'm working it out with bird embroidery. There are so many lovely little birds so I'm starting with them. I've made this bluebird which is available at the Katbird Shop(which is my favorite bird related place). It is hand embroidered on tea stained muslin. I have made a few more which I shall share soon. I've been using my time wisely and spending it mostly embroidering so when I get my computer fixed or get a new one I'll have lots of things to share. Hope you have all been wonderful in my absence and I'll be sure to catch up as soon as possible.

Wow a very long, long time

Hi All! Boy it's been a long time. I've been busy embroidering and my usual computer has gotten a virus and is very, very sick(and I hate this one, before I am finished typing I am sure this whole post will disappear). I am saving up or hoping to get a new laptop for my birthday so hopefully it will get better. In the meantime my posts will be short and sweet(just like myself) and I will mostly share work and purchase options(or just share my work). This particular piece is a vintage Harley Davidson a real departure for me. I have done quite a few pieces that are departures so check back often. This motorcycle is available at the Katbird Shop in Schenectady. It was loads of fun to make and quite rewarding to do something different. I found that in this time of lost computerage and the loss of the bags and the scarves and the eyeglass cases, my pillows and ornaments and especially the framed pieces have gotten a little more experimental. I've gotten some wonderful fee