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Starting Over Again

I was inspired to write this post by a remarkable Facebook friend.  This purse was the beginning of my artistic life.  I had been a crafter for years but somewhere about 10 years ago I became an artist.  Now I'm a single woman supporting myself and working as a server.  I recently left a job that made me comfortable as a server but uncomfortable as a woman trying to support herself.  I had made many friends there and it was heartbreaking to leave my friends. Now I'm working as a server elsewhere just down the road a bit.  I'm working nights in a restaurant known for it's mornings.  It's really out of my comfort zone but it's too early to know what it holds for me.  I have been embroidering more and using it as stress relief.  I haven't made any friends yet but for the most part they are very nice and helpful.  My anxiety has been through the roof though.  So the embroidering has allowed me to breathe. My art and my beautiful son and friends are my only