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Valley Artisans Market

Today was the day that I dropped off my work to Valley Artisan's Market and this was my first sale. I'm so excited! I didn't expect to sell anything so quickly but boy was it a thrill. It's such a lovely place and all the people I have met are wonderful and welcoming. Sunday I went with Cheryl to celebrate their 30th Anniversary party. Can you imagine any business surviving for 30 years? When you meet the artists and see the commitment that they have to their art and to each other it makes it easy to see why. Just a wonderful experience so far. I am finally caught up. So many wonderful opportunities and so much embroidery. I love to embroider so it's been a wonderful time. I made the switch from the bags and the scarves and pretty much have decided to work on framed pieces, hanging pillows and my little wire art things and ornaments. I realized that although I loved my bags, I don't really love sewing on the sewing machine and there is a lot of mac

Wonderfully Busy

Hi All! I'm sorry I have not written in a while but I have been wonderfully busy. Very wonderfully. I have been accepted as a member in the Valley Artisan Market in Cambridge NY. It is a lovely cooperative located next to the historic Hubbard Hall. I am so excited and so busy. The ride is very nice to and from and I am thrilled beyond belief to be included with so many talented artists. I will try to update a little more frequently then I have been but I have other obligations also so it might just be once a week for a while. This piece is called Peace and I hope whatever you are doing peace is nearby. I am very peaceful when embroidering so off I go. Keep stitching.