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The Long and Winding Road Revisited

Hi All!  It's holiday season and I have been working on ornaments and other things for a while so this piece has been sitting waiting for me.  Every once in a while I would look at it and it would beckon me.  Put whatever you are doing on the backburner and come back to me.  It seems to be a metaphor for my life and myself at the moment.  Put whatever you are doing on a backburner and figure out what direction you are going in. This piece brings me peace and joy when I work at it. It silences my mind and makes me believe I'm on a path, on the road.  The rest of my life fills me with questions?  What is my worth?    Will I always be alone?  Will I figure out a way to make money?  Will I finally figure out the road I am supposed to be traveling and where that road is?  I still don't have any answers so therefore anxiety.  The one thing I do know is that I want to fill my life with beauty, peace and love.  How I am going to do that is a question I guess we all ask oursel