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Love and Prayers

All the people who I have loved since I am a young girl who are still with me in this lifetime are under the gun in New Jersey and Long Island, please send them your love and prayers and hope that when this horrible storm is over I can go and rejoice in their safety.  Prayers and love to everyone in the danger zone and may we all be able to dance and sing and rejoice in their safety when this storm is over.  I believe in a loving God and a loving and abundant universe so it is my hope that the loss of life will be little.  Possessions are meaningless, it's the people who are life blood and the reason we love every day.

Brown Happy Bag

This is my latest addition to my Ebay store.  It is a hand knit brown bag, has a very interesting hand made beaded clasp, beads dangling and a black satin lining. It's neutral color and interesting flap will make it a conversation piece when you wear it.  The handle is hand crocheted and can be worn across the chest.   You can find it here. If you have any questions I can be reached by email. 

No Excuses

I've been working but not enough and my head is still a little scrambly and tangled so nothing insightful to say.  Feeling stronger every day and finding that the zen of knitting and crocheting is slightly easier and more creative than embroidering at the moment.  I'm still moving towards my dreams but on days like today feels like I'm going at a snail's pace.  Well perhaps a turtle, and tomorrow who knows maybe a hare.  I'm just checking in.  I did make a scarf and I'm making a bag so perhaps pictures and a little story will come tomorrow!  Have fun be strong!

Valley Artisans Market

This is a current view of my work here at Valley Artisans Market.  I am working here this morning and filled with peace and joy.  I have brought in a few new pieces that you may remember.  The Scream and Running Away(renamed Lines, more appropriate) are now living here until they find a new home.  Please come on by and see my work and the beautiful work of my fellow artists here at Valley Artisans Market.  Please buy local and handmade this holiday season as artists work very hard year round for this one special time of year and your dollars may mean the continuation of someones creative spirit.  The world would be a far sadder place without art so please support your local artist.  You may just be supporting the next Grandma Moses(my personal favorite) or the next Michelangelo.

A Productive Day

Finally a productive day.  It's been a long time coming but I feel a change is gonna come( a line from a lovely blues song done by so many artists I can't name them all).  I finished this bag this morning.  I worked on a hand embroidery piece which I will take a picture of soon.  I mailed the scarf off to my cuz.  I brought my books back to the library.  Donated some crafty stuff that I will never use to the senior center and feel a heck of a lot better.  I guess movement is good!  Not too much else to say but this lovely bag will have more of an internet presence when I figure out where to put it and then I'll let you know. Have a good night's sleep and hopefully tomorrow will be productive too.  Yes I can.

Ginger the Bird

Ginger was a funky little bird.   She spent most of her time wondering why she couldn’t fly like the other birds.   She thought all the other birds were prettier and lovelier and more special than she was.   But what Ginger didn’t know was that she had extraordinary powers which allowed her to look at the world differently than everybody else.   She had a knack for hearing what people didn’t want her to hear and for saying things people didn’t want her to say.   In other words, Ginger had the inane quality of being exactly who she was.   Only problem was Ginger didn’t really know it.   She so wanted to be like everybody else and have a tidy little nest and plenty of worms to eat and a lovely little nest of cute little bird babies that she could brag about to all of her friends.   Ginger did have one special little bird of her own, one she could love from morning till night and care for.   But soon her lovely little son Igor the bird would have to fly the coop and learn to fly

Hope Revisited

This piece is my first art piece made in 1997.  It was the first piece I made where I considered myself an artist and not just a crafter.  I am revisiting this piece and adding some background to it  at the moment. It came to me as a vision the first day I worked at Valley Artisans Market on the way home.  It was hope for a wonderful new opportunity and a new beginning.  It was also the first piece of art that I actually experienced pain in making.  The blackness went on for months and the small hand in the middle represented the hand waiting to grab me out of the blackness. I guess I am revisiting this piece because at the moment I am in need of a symbol of moving forward.  I wrote an entire blog post talking about the situation I find myself in now, but it is a rehash of the last few months of blog posts so we will leave it with the hope for a wonderful new opportunity and the hope for a new beginning.  I am at least ready to admit that what doesn't kill you makes you stron

Et Cetera

I am working on ornaments, I cannot find my camera so I used my cellphone.  Every time I move my clutter I end up losing something today it is the camera, when I find it I'll share the ornaments. Tomorrow I am going out with my friend Cheryl and we are going to the Potluck Artist Dinner at Desolation Road and enjoying a concert by Victoria Bouffard also playing at Desolation Road at 7:00.  I am looking forward to it.  I haven't really been doing much socializing and it is time to kick back and have a little fun. I'm still having a really hard time thinking of anything clever or interesting to say.  I'm a little bit lost and hoping to find myself soon along with my camera.  Have a great weekend and maybe a night out on the town will give me something to talk about next time I'm here.  And I should have found my camera by then.


Soul Crossings After yet another near miss car accident yesterday I am going to embroider and go with the flow until I can figure out my next move.  When I embroider all feels right with the world so   I am going to embroider and hopefully that will bring some clarity to my life. I am unsure as to what I believe except I know longer think I am responsible alone for the woes of the world.   I think I am part of a collective consciousness which has exploded unto the universe.   It is therefore important that I remain peaceful.   When I am peaceful I find love.   I am going to continue to have love  as a companion in my mind.   I release it from the future but in my imagination I will work towards becoming wholly in love again some day. My mind is so unfocused not to know the direction of the future.   Embroidery helps me to focus so that is where my focus will be until I figure it out. I will start putting my work out into the universe in as many avenues as possible an

Be the Love

Be the love you wish to see in the world. Find it in your own heart. Love is really all there is in the world.   Try to fill each of your days with something you love, try in every moment to find something that speaks to you.   Something you love.  I am currently working on this piece, it is called Running Away.   This piece is bringing me focus and color and light.   It has brought me out of my very conflicted head and back to the basics of loving what I do.    I am using the running stitch which is a small little stitch which run consecutively in a straight line.   It is also referred to as Kantha stitching.   One by one, inch by inch until they fill up the muslin or canvas.   They are peaceful beautiful little stitches and they allow me to focus.    They are an easy meditation. I am so grateful that I am able to find love in each stitch and I am finding the peace I am looking for in my life, even if it is only while I allow myself to sit and stitch.    The holiday seas

Bluebird Heart

A new design, just in time for Christmas although I'm pretty sure Bluebirds are probably down south for Christmas.  Of course they do celebrate Christmas down south so perhaps the bluebirds will enjoy their stay.  Or perhaps some notherners will decide they like the idea of a bluebird hanging out on their tree and the bluebirds will feel toasty(not too toasty I hope) in front of the fireplace.  Have a great day. 

Autumn Tree

A new skinnier heart ornament.  I hope people like them. Autumn is lovely up here in Upstate New York.   Reds, oranges, yellows and green dot the landscape of the beautiful mountain ranges.   The air is crisp, the syrup is fine, the harvest is plentiful.   So much to do and see and don’t   please don’t forget all the wonderful art galleries, restaurants and taverns awaiting patrons.   With the economy and gas prices a little bit higher than we would like them we have to remember the beauty and splendor of nature and escape.   Please come visit us and buy our local fare.  

Tangled Threads Abound

This is a scarf I made for my lovely cousin.  It is gray and black and I hope she likes it.  She is a brave and courageous gal who has been to hell and back and deserves the best in life.  She inspires me from afar.  I am going to let my cousin inspire me today as I share a blast from the past that pretty accurately describes my journey today.  Although I have come a long way since this post that was written on October 3, 2008 it still pretty accurately describes my journey up to yesterday. But today is a new day and I am off to plan a new day and certainly a new way to move forward.  When honesty smacks you in the face there is nowhere to go but up.  Have a great day, I intend to.  I will share my work with you and hopefully think of something witty and entertaining to share it with. Tangled Threads Abound Oh what a tangled web we weave(or more accurately embroider). Been working pretty hard and hardly working. Got side-tracked by knitting(yes knitting). When I embroi