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Bittersweet Peace

Well the holidays are upon us and peace is sort of elusive at the moment.  Too much to do, not enough time, not enough sleep.  It’s a bit tougher with a day job too.  But I try.  How do I try?  I make peace pillows and ornaments.  This is one of my new designs.  A bittersweet wreath heart pillow.  It can be hung on a door knob after Christmas to remind us all that this too will pass.  This ornament is available on my Etsy shop.  Hit the link. . Keep on stitching.

A Little Sunshine on this cold, cold day

It’s been a while hasn’t it.  I’ve been busy trying to get my work done.  Work for my Etsy shop, work for Valley Artisans Market, work in my day job, work on myself.  Work never ends as it seems the rain doesn’t either.  Been so gloomy and cold.  Rain, freezing rain, ice.  Great weather for embroidery though.  Usually working in my day job though on these kind of days.   I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my beautiful son and his lovely girlfriend.  Have seen some of my beautiful friends but overdue for an outing.  Lucky fortunate gal who needs a little sunshine.  Will be adding some new ornaments to VAM and Etsy soon.  20% sale on Etsy.  See you soon.  Deb