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Red Rooster Calling

This is my favorite listing at the moment.  I’ve been doing roosters for a couple of years but they are usually white or multicolored.  This little guy marries my tangled stitch ombré approach and my more sensible primitive style and I just love him.  Not just a wee bit but seriously love him.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner my heart needs a little red rooster on a sweet little heart to wake up my artistic soul.  Life’s been a little hectic and I really do want my Etsy shop to succeed so I’ve been burning the midnight(and 2 in the morning) oil trying to come up with some new and exciting ideas and how to market them on Etsy.   I have a couple or orders too which makes me ever so happy.  But I need to sleep too and stay warm. And create.  I have several new pieces on Etsy in case you haven’t been there in a while.  Take a gander and keep moving forward and hopefully this little red rooster will awaken both our get up and go attitudes.  My Etsy shop once again is Debs Tangle