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Tree Garden

Hi All! This is the second piece that I submitted to the Garden Show at Valley Artisans Market. I thought today was the perfect day to post it as we had an absolutely lovely spring day amidst many cold days which will resume tomorrow. I spent much of my day embroidering today and should have some new photos soon. It's been a busy few days embroidering as I have a couple of shows and some new opportunities to show my work so busy as a bee. I did take a break yesterday and went with my friend Cheryl to Desolation Road a lovely gallery in Altamont NY Cheryl has her work there and the owner Jim has voiced his interest in some of my new art hearts(pictures coming). We also went to see Elissa Halloran a very talented jewelry artist who owns her own shop in Albany and then just for fun we went to a couple of other galleries and had lunch at Creo a wonderful restaurant in Albany which was packed to the gills which is always a good sign. It was a very inspiring day and will hopefully k

Garden Goddess

Hi All! I hope this post finds everyone well and safe and warm. This piece is called Garden Goddess and it is one of the pieces I had in the Garden show at Valley Artisans Market recently. I thought on this totally frigid day on one of only a few days without snow it would keep the mood of warm sunlight on a frigid day going. It's been a pretty cold and snowy 2011. Not quite as much snow as elsewhere in New York State but a couple of inches here and a couple of inches there just about twice a week has left mounds and mounds of snow which will hopefully melt before June. Today was one of those lovely bright sunshiney days when even 9 degrees doesn't feel like 9 degrees. I went up to Glens Falls with my friend Cheryl who has a few of her beautiful glass pieces in Gallery 99 bringing art to the community for under $99 over this coming weekend. Her work is beautiful and so is the work of all the other artists who are participating. The sun was shining and it made for a lovely