We don’t need 50 solutions we need ONE

We are Americans.  We care about each other and American values.  We’ve had presidents who have gotten us through wars, through 9/11, through assassinations, through impeachments.  Through lean times and prosperous ones. Who brought the country together instead of dividing it.  Who didn’t promote fighting with their relatives at Thanksgiving and calling everything a hoax.  Even if they weren’t the best president ever they brought us together in times of crisis.  Today as I listened to our president blame Andrew Cuomo for not ordering ventilators two years ago and Anthony Fauci blame New Yorkers for traveling around the country and giving Americans the Coronavirus I was really thankful that Andrew Cuomo took charge and quarantined us.  That he somehow got the tests that make our state the epicenter of this horrible virus.  It’s everywhere folks as shown by all of the stories I have shared.  In some cases these states that are not testing their citizens are held up as models by our president in news conferences.  I guess it’s the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil model.  A lot of these states  have not done any testing nor have they enacted any safety measures.  I did see Mike Pence hold up his piece of paper that said 15 day plan.  But did they actually do anything with those 15 days except piggyback on governors smart enough to take action.  My guess is no and we will continue to see the numbers rise in states all over our nation.  All we need at this time is competent leaders.  There are cases in Mike Pence’s Indiana, Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky, Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi’s California, and Steve Scalise’s Louisiana.  They can’t even get it together enough to help all of US Americans they’ve hung out to dry.  I know what it means to be an American, I know what it means to be a human.  They should all wake up tomorrow and find a way to heal our nation.  That doesn’t mean bailing out a bank.  It means helping those that are sick, helping those that need resources, helping those that work their asses off and still cant pay their bills, help ordinary Americans put food on their table and give us the time we need to heal from all of their mistakes.  For the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would be a public servant to forget the people who made them one.  What is the point?  To build walls, to keep other people out, hell they don’t even seem to care about the people who grew up here. I love my country dearly, my parents made me that way.  A liberal artist and a conservative veteran(or more importantly a Yankee fan and a Mets Fan). Just wake up this morning, find a way to work together, do your fucking jobs and help us to heal.  We shouldn’t have 50 different solutions we should have ONE.


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