A Normal Kind of Peace

Peace.  It was a beautiful morning.  She woke up with the song Homeward Bound singing in her head.  She had always loved Simon and Garfunkel.  She watched the video on YouTube the concert in Central Park.  A lovely song in a lovely setting.  She pulled her hair back, put her shoes on and took Dixie out.  It was a warm but cloudy morning but it felt like spring.  It had been cold and snowy for a few days so the warmth and the lack of the wind felt good on her skin on this day.

The birds were chirping, not just one bird but she could hear the songs of many different birds.  Silently she just listened to the sounds of the birds talking to each other.  Then she heard the ducks, she looked up to see two of them together flying overhead.  I guess they were on a special date.  Silently she just stood thinking how beautiful it all was.  How normal, how sweet, how lovely a morning it was.

For a moment she forgot why it was so quiet and lovely.  It was a morning in April in the middle of a pandemic.  A beautiful moment in the middle of unending sorrows, a time to contemplate if normal would ever return for good. Hopefully it was a harbinger of what was yet to come.  A quiet tranquil moment she just had to write down to remind herself that it will be okay.  Someday.

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