Well it’s December

When I wrote a couple of months ago I had every intention of making this a daily thing or maybe even a weekly thing but to be quite honest my life has become a moment to moment thing.  I was diagnosed with a rare lung disease back in August. It has taken my entire life and well made it tangled.  The only sure thing in my life right now is embroidery because my tangled life has me completely stressed out most of the time and my old friends, needle and thread, are the only things that seem to unstress me.  I planned on doing craft shows but we’ll that kind of went out the window when I ended up in the hospital in September, I planned on working at my part time job that I loved but that is gone too.  I’ve been in this place before several times and always seem to work my way out of it sooner or later.  I am just waiting for the sooner.  

In the meantime, this is one of my new items available on my Etsy shop, my mandala heart ornaments.  I love them they make me focus, provide a focal point to meditate to and their tactile nature calms me down when I hold them in my hands.  A triple threat to my stress.  I have decided to market them as meditation heart pillows (they will also look great on your Christmas tree).  If you would like to purchase them they are available on my Etsy Shop.  Debs Tangled StitchesDebs  Tangled Stitches.  If you would like to order one in a different color please email me or message me on Etsy and I will be happy to make one specially for you.  Please allow 7 to 10 days for custom orders.

This has been a really tough time for me since I spend a lot of time in my apartment with Dixie(my dog) and if you know me I would have gone to a supermarket opening not to be alone with the dog.  I’ll try to share a bit more often and just wanted to let you know how unbelievably grateful I am for my family and friends who have made the past few months more bearable.  Keep stitching


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